Traditional regatta in Betina 'For soul and body'
This traditional regatta was established to promote the gajeta of Betina as “the most successful type of wooden ships by which the labourers and fishermen sailed for centuries, confirming its exceptional qualities,” residents of Betina proudly emphasize

Every year, the diverse cultural programme brings a lot of interesting things, from pleasure sailing to the competition regatta with food and drinks and lots of good songs and cheer. If you find yourself near Murter Island in the middle of August (first week after15th of August), this is an event not to be missed.

“The regatta for the soul and the body” brings us back to the romantic past of wooden ships and white sails. The traditional regatta embodies a spirit in which winning alone is not paramount, but to enjoy the unique traditional way of life with the sea.

Around 60 competitors will be attending the traditional regatta, arriving from all over the Adriatic coast. Crew mingle starts on Sundays with a traditional breakfast including tunas and sardines, and the official start is at 3 p.m.

The evening program brings you final scores and winner announcements in three categories, followed by a dinner and a concert on the main square ending in a big celebration for all who might be there.

Traditional regatta in Betina 'For soul and body' Traditional regatta in Betina 'For soul and body'