Christmas evenings in Zagreb
In the last few years, during the advent times, Zagreb has become a city where winters are lively and warm, and you can find entertainment in every street and square.

The Croatian capital, with no exaggeration, can be compared to other middle European capitals, with its Christmas atmosphere and long-standing advent traditions. This was confirmed in 2015 when Zagreb was named the city with the best Christmas market in Europe for the first time, and by improving the program each year, won the same title in 2016 and 2017.

During the Christmas evenings in Zagreb, there are Christmas markets in the center and outside of it, concerts and cultural events, a natural lighting which creates a sort of an idyllic feeling, and since 2014 Zagreb has a large skating rink on King Tomislav square.

This year the concept was somewhat changed and the number of locations with markets reduced, so this year they won’t be in Šestine, Dvorišta, Ice fairytale on Zagreb fair, New advent in New Zagreb and a few others, while Fuliranje was transferred to Strossmayer square.

Some of the new events include the Archeological museum which will have a Secret Christmas Garden in their yard, east part of Zagreb will home the unique Christmas sculpture park of Pavletić family,  Vila Prekrižje will be available for visits, a Christmas program will be organized at the Zagreb zoo and the special decorations will go to Marić passage in the center.

Christmas evenings in Zagreb indeed show how rich Croatian culture and traditions are. Check out why it earned the Best Christmas Market title three times and see you in the winter fairytale!