Carneval in Rijeka
The International Carnival Parade is the crown of carnival festivities in Kvarner and beyond. A contest of imagination, wit and originality, fireworks of colors and shapes, all of it results in the parade of hundreds of allegory chariots, thousands of masks and an uncountable number of viewers form Croatia and abroad.

In 1982 the Rijeka Tourist Society organised the first renewed Rijeka Carnival. Since then the new version of the centuries-old tradition of dressing-up in the coastal regions of Croatia has elevated the City on Rijeka into one of the most important European carnival cities.

When three costumed groups walked through Rijeka’s Korzo that year, nobody imagined how big the traditional International Carnival in Rijeka will become over the years. The International Carnival Parade is just one of the programs of this significant event, which brings together an increasing number of participants and audiences from the country and abroad.

Today we are not only preserving tradition, but creating it ourselves. We are creating new experiences, new festivals, new masks and new times.We do it in an organized and thought out way, tailored to today’s conditions. The international carnival parade is consisted of traditional and urban carnival groups, acting as citizens’ associations and with their mask trying to give an overview of current social events.

Nowhere else will you experience such a peculiar blend of European civil carnival based on historical and cultural customs and elements of folklore and mythology. Therefore be what you want, come to the Rijeka Carnival!

The Rijeka Carnival can hardly be described or completely portrayed by photographs or television broadcasting. This Carnival needs to be experienced and lived! That’s why we all invite you to Rijeka on a carnival – where you can always be what you want!