It’s summer season and everyone’s social accounts are flooded with sun and sea. While sea most definitely has its perks, why don’t you try something different this year? Grab a partner and head to explore 10 best and most beautiful rivers in Croatia!


Because of the animals and plants residing all over it, it is often called ‘green European heart’ It goes through bigger Croatian cities Varaždin, Legrad, Belišće, Osijek, etc. You can try everything in this river, from summer swim on the Osijek’s ‘Copacabana’ , to rafting. Just be careful, there is a famous Croatian legend about a half man half animal waiting for people to try its benefits and bring it to the bottom of the river. 

10 best rivers in croatia


This river is the so-called ‘karst river’ which means that its nature of the flow is ‘sensitive’ to people. Its water is for sure one of the brightest in the whole Croatia, so there is no wonder tourist exhibitions are very popular on it. Its wellhead is located in Slunj, a place in Croatia which pronounced as a 2nd most welcoming place in the world. Do you need more reasons to experience this river?


Cetina is located in Splitsko-dalmatinska county and belongs to the Adriatic basin. Its water is so clean that it supplies most of the Croatian coast with the drinkable water, so, you should try a swim or some of the activities as kayaking or zipline. In the upper regions, it is fast and in the lower ones much slower, like a lake, which kind of confuses tourists.


Kupa is one of the four rivers surrounding Karlovac and bringing people of central Croatia joy of pure water and summer swims. Its source and mouth are both in Croatia which makes it the longest river in the whole country. 


Zrmanja is also known by its ancient Roman name Tedanius. River-rafting adventure on this river is very popular near ‘Veliki buk’ , a 12 meters big waterfall. It is recommended to try it after the ‘big rains’ because the biggest level of water bringing a special sense of adventure.

10 best rivers in croatia


River Neretva brings us to the valley of Croatia famous for of the tangerines. It is also rich with eels and frogs which brings to another famous dish – Neretva’s brudet.


A lot of people discovered this river on their way to national park ‘Plitvička jezera’. The most popular types of tourism near this river are fishing, recreation activities and discovering rural villages around it. Also, a very endemic species of fish, Proteus anguine or ‘human fish’ lives in it, so if you like biology and endemic discoveries maybe this is an intrigue. 


Krka with its ‘National park’ is already world widely known as a ‘place to be’. Every minute new tourists post Instagram photos swimming in this beauty, and the location so close to the sea makes it a perfect ‘getaway’ from your vacation spot. It has many beautiful waterfalls but the biggest one and the most famous one is ‘Manojlovac’.

Krka; Photo: Pixabay


Kamačnik is famous for its source to which a lot of routes have been organized. The source is actually a small lake on the 410 meters high. The complete length of ‘Kamačnik’ is only 3 kilometres but you can walk this whole length and experience wooden areas, plants and animals, the experience which will take your breath away. And, since it is in part of Croatia called ‘Gorski kotar’ you won’t suffer from the summer heat.


This undercurrents river brings us to Istria, the part of the Croatia ‘on the other side of Učka’. It plunges into Pazin’s pit. ‘Zarečki krov’ is its biggest waterfall famous for amateur water polo competitions. 

This was our pick for the best rivers in Croatia. Have you chosen your favorite yet?