Restaurant Palmižana on Hvar island
For more than a hundred years, the Meneghello family has been dedicated to creating a paradise of cultural tourism, nature conservation as well as saving its pristine beauty

With no cars around and with many hiking trails and paths, children can run safely and parents can relax without worry. Couples in love can discover hidden coves and crystal-clear sea. Here nature is still pure and intact with only a few reminders of the modern world. This is a great place for the perfect vacation, it will bring back your inner peace, strengthen your body and rejuvenate your mind. Palmižana is the ideal place for everything, even your pet can come!

Here you can also find a very special place to eat, where all our traditions and tastes have been preserved and are served for you by the sea side.

Thanks to the clean sea of Hvar and island gardens, the Palmižana restaurant has been offering its guests fresh, healthy, natural and organic food for more than 100 years. Almost every yacht in the southern Adriatic comes to the Palmižana restaurant to enjoy the specialties of local cuisine and fine wines.

You can enjoy fresh fish served on a beautiful outdoor terrace with a great view of the beach. Colourful tablecloths and botanical shade are perfect for enjoying your meal in a relaxing rhythm in the nature of the island of Hvar.

You can keep your table the whole day, go swimming and come back while your kids play on the beach. For lunch you can order squid or grilled barrel, steak, lamb, chicken or pork, accompanied by fresh vegetables and homemade, organically grown salad.