Restaurant Kornat in Zadar's city centre
The restaurant Kornat is located in the historical city centre of Zadar, next to the old town port and the cruiser port

In just a few years of existence it grew into an unavoidable destination for gourmands and lovers of the finest cuisine and ambiance. The carefully decorated interior is also a gallery in which you can view and order paintings of renowned artists, while the specially selected Mediterranean and international cuisine is served on a closed terrace with a view of the city harbour.

The restaurant, main chef and staff are winners of numerous awards (including the award for the best waiter in Zadar). Specialties from the sea are followed by an adequate selection of highly valued domestic and foreign wines. If desired, the gourmet experience can be rounded up with a special selection of cigars.

All of this is connected together into a warm and unique atmosphere. It is not an accident because that’s the main idea. The owners of restaurant Kornat wanted this place to be special: ˝From the first day we opened „Kornat“, we opened the door of our home. And that is how we want to make our guests feel; welcome into our home. It’s a place where we meet all our loved ones, and where we also say goodbye, with all the best we can offer: our love of food, the joy of life, emotions, pleasure, character, kindness, charm, our finest wines.

With a view of all the ships entering and leaving the harbour, view of the spectacle of the setting Sun, the sea, the calmness of the sea, the tramontana and bura winds. In this fast-paced life, stop for a moment, returning with flavours and aromas of the most comfortable place in our hearts. And that’s why we’re here for over a decade. With the open door of our home.

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