Top 5 restaurants in Dubrovnik
If this Summer you are planning to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia and in fact the whole world – don’t miss some of the restaurants in Dubrovnik. You can really have some great food there. The best proof of their quality is being included in the Good Restaurants choice list which gathers the best restaurants in Dalmatia.

Here are the 5 best restaurants in Dubrovnik:


The gist of this restaurant is that everyone feels welcome and everyone’s palate finds something for itself. A quick bite with a glass of wine or a multiple course dinner, you will certainly find the right combination in the kitchen of chef Tutavac.

In Pantraul the menu is coordinated with the seasons and everything is made out of fresh produce supplied by small family run farms form the Dubrovnik Parish and Konavle.

Local fishing boats deliver fresh fish while high-quality meat comes from local and trusted sources.  Pasta and bread are homemade and the Croatian wine list is very creative.


This restaurant is placed at the location of the former Maritime School. It combines the rich tradition of Dubrovnik with the quality and creativity of Mediterranean cuisine.

In almost two decades of existence it has achieved an impressive list of world-renowned guests, famous people from the political and showbusiness world.

An interesting fact is that this restaurant spends about three tones of lobster (which is caught in the waters around island Vis) per year. It is also worth trying the very attractively served fish in big salt from Ston.


The tradition of fish specialties prepared in the Dubrovnik fisherman’s way is continued in restaurant Proto. It is situated in the heart of Dubrovnik’s historic city centre, just a few steps from Stradun in the widest street of the city centre – Široka.

Restaurant Proto offers you the best from the sea with a rich selection of local wines. At Proto, the main chef is responsible for fish specialities. He will certainly recommend the famous Dubrovnik desert: cake made of milk skin based on an old recipe.

In Proto you can eat on the summer terrace, on charming tables on the Široka Street or in the pleasantly decorated interior space.

Porat Bar & Grill

From 1920 Porat is known as a place for friends and colleagues to meet and enjoy good food and drinks. In Porat this heritage is appreciated so Porat is transformed in a way so that everyone is welcome (during day and night) to enjoy the seasonal Dalmatian and international products which will keep the legacy of this historic location alive.


Every morning fresh and home-made groceries are chosen on the local market for the restaurant. Marina and Miško, the restaurant owners say that their menu is a unique combination of local and Mediterranean cuisine with the influence of French gastronomy utilised with modern culinary methods. This is no surprise since Marina was educated at the famous Parisian culinary school Le Cordon Bleu.

For lunch the restaurant offers lighter ingredients, chicken, fish sarma, calamary or lamb meatballs. Meals for dinner are more complex – wild sea bass, wild garlic and ricotta ravioli with lamb soup or slow baked lamb. For desert there are various options including wild forest fruit sorbets.