Tandem Skydive in Zadar
If you are looking to experience Croatian beauty in all its glory, why not do something different and see it from above? Try amazing free-fall tandem skydive in Zadar, all while soaking up stunning views of two national parks as you slide back to ground.

Booking this 2-hour activity is easy, as both printed and mobile vouchers are valid. You can get a full refund even if you cancel after 24 hours!

After a pick-up service takes you from your hotel in Zadar to the launch site, a friendly instructor will guide you through the safety process.

After a 20-minute scenic flight above the islands of Kornati National Park and the river canyon of Paklenica National Park, you will reach your skydiving altitude. Get ready to jump from as high up as 3,500 meters above ground level! Your free fall lasts up to 50 seconds at the speed of 200 to 230 kph. Ride the wind and try some optional controlled canopy turns and speed diving.

Then, with a quick pull of the ripcord, enjoy a quiet and peaceful 5 to 7-minute parachute training flight. Learn about equipment safety, the free fall body position, canopy control and landing patterns all under the watchful eye of your tandem skydiving instructor.

Tandem skydive in Zadar drops you off from up to 3,500 meters and lands you on a beach.

This activity may be cancelled or rescheduled due to unsafe weather conditions. For more details and booking check this site!