Planning a trip to Croatia? With nine international airports spread across the country, selecting the right one can significantly enhance your travel experience, particularly during the bustling summer season when Croatian roads see heavy traffic.

1. Zagreb Airport (IATA: ZAG): Gateway to the Capital and Beyond

Zagreb Airport is your top pick if you’re heading to the Croatian capital or exploring cities like Varazdin, Karlovac, or the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes. Additionally, it’s a strategic choice for destinations in northeastern Croatia, such as Slavonski Brod, Vinkovci, and Vukovar. As the central hub for Croatian airlines, Zagreb Airport can be considered a convenient transit point for domestic flights.

2. Split Airport (IATA: SPU): Island-Hopping Paradise

Situated in Kastela, close to Trogir, Split Airport serves as the gateway to Dalmatian islands like Ciovo, Solta, Hvar, and Brac, with seamless ferry or catamaran connections to Split. It’s also the go-to airport for cities along the Dalmatian coast between Split and Ploce, Trogir, Sibenik, and even extending to Mostar, Medjugorje, and other towns in western Bosnia. As the fastest-growing Croatian airport, it exceeded 3 million passengers in 2018.

3. Dubrovnik Airport (IATA: DBV): Coastal Charms and Island Getaways

For the stunning Dubrovnik, picturesque Cavtat, or towns along the Dalmatian coast south of Ploce, Dubrovnik Airport is your ideal choice. It’s also the optimal entry point for exploring the island treasures of Korcula, Mljet, and Sipan. Thanks to its numerous international connections, it’s a top pick for those heading to Herceg Novi, Tivat, Budva, or Kotor.

4. Zadar Airport (IATA: ZAD): Middle Dalmatia Marvels and Festival Towns

For Zadar and towns in middle Dalmatia like Biograd, Sukosan, or Nin, Zadar Airport is the perfect choice. This extends to northern Dalmatia islands—Ugljan, Pasman, and Dugi Otok—accessible via ferries and catamarans from Zadar. Additionally, Zadar Airport is your closest entry point for renowned music festival towns like Novalja on Island Pag and Tisno on the mainland.

5. Pula Airport (IATA: PUY): Istrian Delights

If Istria is on your travel plan, Pula Airport is the go-to option, especially during the bustling summer season with flights from numerous destinations. For cities in the southern and eastern part of the peninsula, Rijeka Airport serves as an alternative, while Trieste Airport is a suitable choice for cities in the northern part of Istria.

6. Osijek Airport (IATA: OSI): Hidden Tranquility in the East

Although not as bustling as its counterparts, Osijek Airport offers regular domestic flights and seasonal international flights. Nestled in Klisa, a village 20 kilometers southeast of Osijek center, it provides a serene entry point with no shuttle buses to and from the airport.

Choosing the right airport sets the tone for your Croatian adventure, so choose wisely and let the exploration unfold!

If you’re set to explore Croatia, you’ll find island airports that are hidden gems. Let’s delve into the unique appeal of Rijeka, Brac, and Losinj airports, each offering a distinct experience.

7. Rijeka Airport (IATA: RJK): Island Gateway with Mainland Access

Nestled on Krk Island, Rijeka Airport is the perfect choice for reaching Rijeka and beyond. It conveniently connects to Opatija, Novi Vinodolski, Crikvenica, and other Kvarner mainland towns. Serving islands like Cres, Rab, Veli, or Mali Losinj, it’s an alternative route to Istria compared to Pula Airport.

8. Brac Airport (IATA: BWK): Tranquil Retreat on Brac Island

Less bustling than mainland counterparts, Brac Airport sees seasonal passengers, especially when charters from Austria, Netherlands, and Belgium arrive. The highlight is the sought-after seasonal flight to Zagreb Airport. Tucked in Vesko field near Bol, the airport lacks organized shuttles, making taxis or pre-booked transfers favorable.

9. Losinj Airport (IATA: LSZ): Croatia’s Petite Aviation Hub

As Croatia’s smallest airport, Losinj Airport, just 6 km from Mali Losinj, offers seasonal flights to Zagreb and two to Venice (IT) and Lugano (CH). Despite its limited connectivity, it’s an intimate entry point to scenic Mali Losinj.

Travel Tips for Croatia’s Island Airports

Summer Flight Extravaganza: In summer, numerous scheduled flights from the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, France, and more reach all six airports, ensuring seamless connections to islands and the mainland.

Winter Aviation Hub: During winter, international flights mainly focus on Zagreb, with a few servicing Split and Dubrovnik year-round. Plan your winter escape with these well-connected routes.

Embark on your island-hopping journey through Croatia, and let these island airports be your aerial portals to coastal wonders and hidden gems.